Another New Chapter

So this new book I’ve been reading is pretty great! It explains all the cultural and historical background during the time the Gospel of John was written. I highly recommend it! I have also been listening to the Audible of ‘Prayer‘ by Timothy Keller.

These references and material have been very important for my journey with God, rediscovering Him and learning to trust Him during times of difficulty and absentmindedness. I have been struggling to pull out of this blank and tired state. I feel as though I’ve been living in a really thick fog. It’s a strange period of my life when I’m trying to tackle a lot of things such as relationships, new job and a new future.

Sometimes, I wish I could easily just do whatever God calls me to do, but many times it seems that I have unknowingly and knowingly blocked it. I have a feeling that is why I feel so hazy, and I really do hope I can maintain a daily connection with God through quiet time and prayer. I think that would be my best next steps!


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