My ‘summer’ Break


I’ve been hanging up the Northern parts of the UK. First stop at Barnsley to visit a friend and then up to Glasgow/Lanark to visit my uncle and cousin. It’s been surprisingly far more sunnier than I thought it’d be, yet things still remained wet as though it just rained an hour ago. This is my so-called ‘summer’, even though it’s now September! My masters had ended the end of August.


It’s been super cool sharing Jesus with my cousin as she was curiously asking a lot of questions, as she usually does. We got to visit a church service in Glasgow and it was all our first time!

During my stay in Glasgow I also have attempted applying for two jobs. Yes, that is my next goal. I need to get a job!

I’m definitely looking forward to earning my own money and perhaps for the first time truly knowing the value of it first hand. Hopefully it would be a job in an animation studio, but who knows where God would take me!


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