The Sea is playful but also formidable 

Location: Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Swimming out in the open ocean, no nets and no life guards. Feeling the soft mush of corals evenly grown on the rocks under my feet for the first time gave an incredibly awkward sensation. Is this safe? Is this normal? 

I felt as if every interaction I had with the seaside could offend it. Or rather I would get instant karma by removing a clam from a rock and whilst doing so pricking myself introducing toxic fluids into my system.

Fascinating how fear works. A healthy kind is meant for self protection, but just the slip up could cause a land slide of improbable thoughts. It was the presence of others swimming further out to sea that gave me comfort. A bit more at ease from the possible kick of the knee cracking on a rock or some creature lurking at the deeper parts of the sea or that change in temperature from cold to hot was mischeviously misleading.

Further and further I went out, with every stroke grew a doubt, I would turn my back at certain points, just to ease the tensions in my mind. Until I had reached the from one ladder to another stationed by the rocks, territory that was covered once allowed the doubts to float away.


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