Telford Tales 32

My flatmates have arrived, the 5 of them. Each one are just awesome mates. It’s incredible and quite unreal how everyone gets along and the way we chill around in the kitchen around the table, chatting from time to time, sharing funny videos and just doing our own thing!

It’s really great that everyone’s chill and also very willing to socialize. Really God has blessed me with such an amazing gang. I’m very glad that one of my flatmates is also in the Creative Arts department, so he, his guide (as the guy is in a wheelchair) and I went to the induction together. It really does help to have people you know, especially when first starting the course.

I will refer to my mate in the wheelchair as S doing a music related field, his guide M. The other crew is N who’s from Latvia with computer science, CC who’s the only other girl in the flat on the medical side and MM doing electronics.

S has been very forward about bringing up the topic of God, religion and faith. I really do hope that God would provide me the opportunity to be able to share the gospel with my flatmates.

We’ve even created our mascot Gertrude, oddly a transvestite:


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