Who would have guessed?

A while ago, I wrote something about the University of Hertfordshire. It was strange in the way that it was important enough for me to write a blog post about it, although maybe not so when I do tend to write at times the randomest of things. Who indeed would have guessed… that I would be going to the university this year!!

My years as an architecture student has been long, hard and winding. Though, I would not trade it for anything, even the hardships that allowed me gain friends of a lifetime. God has been good, too good to me. University has been a crucial time for me to grow, knowing God, leaning on Him through all the pressures from tutors, the meltdowns of friends, the growth of friendships in church and with friends.

Unfortunately I could not find work here in London, at least I decided to stop looking when I went back to Hong Kong, as I desired to put my family and friends first, if indeed I had gotten a job, it would be heartbreaking to not be able to know when next I’ll be able to see them again.

So my option 2, in the hopes of staying in the city that I love, with my dear boyfriend and other friends, was to apply for university! I could not bear the idea of yet again going through the ordeal of another 2 years of architecture masters, and especially thought it was not a good idea as I had not yet obtained any work experience in the field.

Thus, animation masters was on the table!


Above is my graduation ceremony, I’m so glad that Theo was able to be apart of it with my parents as well!

It’s so strange how God works, but I’m very honoured to be studying at university of Hertfordshire, assuming all goes well with obtaining my visa soon. I hope and pray that my time with my dear childhood friend who’s studying there would be fruitful and honouring to God.


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