A month back!

I still recall the blast of humidity as soon as I stepped out the airport. Invisible droplets that stick to my skin, promotes the shower of sweat I’m already so prone to from my face. How on earth did I manage to live here for the first 18 years of my life!? Is the standard returning-to-Hong-Kong thought.

Finally after 2 week mark I’ve started to recall more and more how I’ve managed and coped. It’s just amazing how God made us adaptable beings!


First night being back

Sometimes I don’t understand how some people think London weather is unbearable and miss the Hong Kong sunshine… which frankly doesn’t last too long either! Okay, perhaps it does occur more often, but dealing with over 7 million people crammed into this humidity just isn’t ideal. Maybe it’s just the preference of heat over coldness, but I think I’m much better off dealing with the cold… which was an unexpected surprise!


Went to Hong Kong’s best theme park called Ocean Park (far better than Disneyland no offense, the one in Florida that I went to is far better) with my lil bro. My lil bro as in my Mums friend’s son.


Since my lil bro likes football, hence his cake below. Cute, but also quite delicious too!


My Mum is a fantastic chef, though she hasn’t been cooking as much in recent years, the quality has not dropped! Her cheesecake has been a long time favourtie of mine. Good to be home~


Had a grand time catching up with friends x


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