It feels weird leaving London. Though it isn’t too weird leaving, knowing I will return in September. I suppose it’s weird that as I’m in Amsterdam waiting for my connecting flight that I won’t be able to see some of my friends… whom I’ve seen a few times a week or even every single day for the past year(s) for months or even years to come.

I feel like it hasn’t hit me yet, it’s as though I have so much going on around me, so much to take in that the feelings of longing or missing have dissipated. I will miss my friend Katie from church, who has worked for the past year as the church apprentice. She’s been wonderful with the kids and a warm and enthusiastic company for all!

I will also for sure miss my dearest roommate whom I’ve shared a room with for 4 years and one of the years a bed too! (Nothing between us I assure you, we both have boyfriends!) She played a crucial part in God’s plan to bring me back to Him. We’ve shared and grown in the faith, knowing God’s love and the trials we’ve faced in terms of friend relationships, outreach missions, boyfriend relationships, church misunderstandings, our own little travels and so much more! She’s become a sister to me, someone I feel like I can be super comfortable with like my parents.

Guess it’s about time I’m heading home after a year, to spend time with friends and family. Soon my sweet Theo will be joining and I’m super excited for him to meet the rest of my family. Hope to share this summer, more amazing things that God would do to bring people to know Him as our King and Saviour 🙂


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