Surf’s up, first taste of summer


One of the lucky days we’ve been blessed with sunshine

So just this past week I’ve taken a short trip away from busy London to the scenic part of Wales, Haverfordwest. Not a name I’d ever know unless I’m in touch with friends that reside in Wales, but I’ve been lucky to experience it with my boyfriend and his lovely family.


Had a great hike with my sweet and saw cows and horses up close. What an experience that you just can’t get in Hong Kong…. even the train ride for me seemed mesmerizing.


We hiked and trekked through the rain, and lunch midway and took the bus the rest of the way to St Davids. This was the historic church that gave the smallest city of UK it’s name. The church was filled with rich and complex history with religious politics, which took root with the man St David.


Loving the glimpses of rich detail


With my sweetest pea

It was wonderful staying by the seaside, where we could stroll and experience the peace of the sunset.


Getting to know my boyfriend’s family was a plus, I’m very grateful to have gotten to know them better. I’m also extremely grateful to God that Theo has such a loving family with entertaining company. It makes me really glad to see the love he has been brought up with and it is truly a privilege to be a part of it.


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