Encouraging news!

Just a couple of Thursdays ago I was over at my coursemate’s flat. Usually I would go over to her place to work as it would be the day before our tutorials! That means needing to produce mass amounts of work… or at least we try. As we were ascending the stairs to the top floor, my friend starts talking about the bizarre behaviour of her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is currently working in Australia and has shared with her news of his invite to a festival. My friend told me how mysterious he was acting about it, but he did mention one thing, it was something Christian related. Funnily enough, she did her magic stalking and from a screenshot of his email she spotted the internet explorer tab mentioning he bought tickets to a certain festival, which she googled and found out it was a Hillsong festival! At the festival they did worship and prayer.

My friend isn’t a Christian, neither does she believe God exists but she enjoys listening to Christian music nonetheless so she would not have been judgmental about her boyfriend going to this festival – but perhaps just a bit of tease. Yet as time goes on and the events unravel, her boyfriend seemed although a little shy but it was an attempt to be bold about the prayers and worship he was doing. At times I would pray for him in my heart that he would be encouraged by fellow Christians around him and that he would have a renewed trust in Jesus.

After the end of that long night of work, we met up another time after our tutorial, this time on a more relaxing note for lunch. We had Japanese that was lovely :’)

Anyway, we got on the topic of how her boyfriend found the festival. Later on, more into when her boyfriend asked her why she did not believe in God. I asked her what did you tell him? She replied because there’s no proof .. no physical evidence. I began talking about how I felt the same, that if it was not for Jesus, that it would be much harder to put my trust in this ‘God’. That the Old Testament, without Jesus seems to be a God for a specific group of people not involving me. I talked a bit about judgement and how if God has not given his any communication, how can we know what is right and wrong? If God doesn’t care for us at all and has left us here on earth to fend for ourselves, then how can we be judged? There can’t be a heaven or hell if He doesn’t even set any standards. Then He isn’t a good God for not telling us anything.

But the most important point that I could not miss out, was why Jesus died for us. Because we cannot redeem ourselves and that He came a blameless and sinless man, dying for people who wanted him dead or who hate him, for people, for us and in doing so can be reconnected with God. That it is not how much or what we do can get us to God but that He gave us this amazing grace and its a gift that we can choose to accept it or not!

I thank God soooo much in my heart. I’m so thankful because I remember the days as a young Christian like 3 years ago… my friend asked me what is the difference between a Christian and non-Christian? I stupidly and embarrassingly replied: “Christians are nice ….?”

So. Embarrassing.

I mean obviously even some non-Christians are much nicer than some Christians…. ever since then I’ve been praying that God would give me another chance/opportunity to share the true gospel with my dear friend. And so I am so utterly grateful for it!!!

I do keep praying and hoping that my friend would see the relevance, and that she would be motivated to ask more questions. I know she may not feel its relevant to her now or even not knowing how to approach this topic, but I can only pray for more chances and for her boyfriend’s faith that both of them really would completely place their trust in Christ!


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