Anger is such a horrible feeling. I don’t feel it that much, but when I do I am lost in an endless forest. No matter how straight I think I’m walking I just can’t ever see the end. It’s not an emotion I’m familiar with dealing. This ‘anger’ I don’t meet often. When I’m face to face with this foe, I cannot shake away my frustration. It’s inconceivable to me how anyone could contain this emotion. Already in such a short span of time I can hardly stand it, the desire to drop all other emotion is extremely tempting. If it’s one aspect of suffering is hard to bear, for me that is anger.

Sadness you can say is a friend I know, who’s company is always welcomed in times of trouble or hardship. Tears are Sadness’ gifts that bring release. The Anger I’ve tasted knows no bounds.

Thank God that He releases my anger. Thank God I am ready to be humbled… though there are times when I think that I should acknowledge it sooner. In a way I’m glad to know anger, I hope to be well acquainted with under God’s loving grace so that not only would I know how to overcome it, but I can empathize well with others.  I hope the Holy Spirit will equip me with love, gentleness and patience so in all that I do I would please my Father in Heaven ❤


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