This lovely Christmas!

MerryxmascardThis Christmas was a well spent and God blessed Christmas. I went over to my boyfriend Theo’s place and spent it with him and his family! I was excited and at the same time nervous as I would be meeting not just his parents and his sister whom I’ve already seen but also some of his Grandparents from both his parents sides, his Mother’s brother and his wife, and also some of their church friends.

I wasn’t worried about it at all, I was more excited! It was such a foreign experience as the whole scene was set in a home that clearly is a home, but a house that I’m not accustomed to back in Hong Kong. Although it didn’t seem big, in Hong Kong standards it is strange to have stairs leading up to a few floors. Although I have experience being in a house, such as my Grandparents in Malaysia, it felt like a home with many unfamiliar things like a fire place, the strange way the home bends, having a lovely garden out back and strangest of all wearing shoes on the ground floor of the home!

Being surrounded by the English accent for two days was also very surreal, I felt as though I was in a movie or some TV series at one point. Very different from the slight Malaysian accents of my parents and the International-American twang of my Hong Kong friends and roommate.

Theo’s family were very welcoming, it makes me feel really peaceful and warm. Very at ease to just be silent or talk when I’d like to. Not too comfortable yet as to blurt out things or sit in a more carefree way, no don’t want to be rude especially for my second time visiting their home. Theo’s Mother’s Mum was especially sweet to me, asking me lots of questions and her kind face made it all the more heartwarming. It was bold of her to ask me about my faith, and my heart grew cheerful and my spirit touched. I can see the care and concern for her grandson too, watching out for him spiritually and faith-wise.

I was glad I was able to give Theo, his parents and sister the cards. I was again nervous about it, but it was the only gifts that I had for them. After FaceTiming my parents I felt kind of bad for not giving them gifts. I really did think about it but … I suppose as time drew near I couldn’t make up my mind. I don’t know them very well and wasn’t sure if they would give me gifts either. Honestly I would have preferred they didn’t but am so grateful that they have. The gifts were really cute and useful! I was given socks, tea, tissue box and this lovely body shower set.

We went to church on Christmas day. It was the church Theo’s parents go to and have been going to for many many years since Theo’s childhood. It was small and a few number, but very friendly and welcoming. Later that afternoon, we went back to have lunch. I met two of the church members who joined us for lunch. One of them brought along his six year old son, which widened our mixture of generations as well as the noise level! His father, I could see his amazing faith. He has the passion for Christ’s kingdom and knows of God’s love. I could tell from the way he talked and what he was concerned with, the questions he asked were as if he was testing the waters to see why one would respond the way they might, if the reasons were rooted in God’s love and will. His amazing passion to hope his son walk in the ways of God was the sweetest thing! Very encouraged that night the more time we all spent together.

For the main meal of the day was at lunch, a vegetarian strudel, salad, stuffing, then ice-cream and pudding for dessert. You guessed it, my boyfriend’s family is vegetarian, but it was an amazing meal nonetheless.

After the meal, we gathered for some Christmas carols. After the guests left, we went to play Rummikub, Theo’s family’s traditional game during Christmas. Then Theo and I finished watching Star Wars (IV) joined in later with his parents and sister.

I’ve been blessed also with some short time to spend with Theo alone, just hugging, kissing and praying! In my heart is only a great joy and praise to my God, as all this I feel so undeserving. All these good gifts are just another reminder of what God chose to give me. I can’t ever take this for granted.

Also, more brilliant news, my roommate just got engaged this Christmas Eve too!!~ Wahh I mean we both already knew it was going to happen, I felt like everyone knew, but it’s just the fact that now she really is engaged, I still can’t get my head around it. I can’t even begin to imagine marriage!! Wow, things are just moving too fast.


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