Venice, Florence and Rome

So almost 3 weeks ago I went to Italy for 9 days with 15 of my unit mates and my 2 tutors. Had an amazing time!

Before going on the trip, I was feeling really nervous as I didn’t know people really well. There were times that I was walking alone or just going off by myself, but that was a mixture to do with not knowing what to say or needing my alone time or just exhausted from being social.

For me it takes a lot of effort to talk to people, especially with those I’m not very close with. However, I’ve had some amazing conversations with people, small talk and deep talk!

Below is somewhere amidst Venice. Just in one of Venice’s many channels and narrow voids that lookout to rivers. In Venice we stayed for 4 days.

We visited a few Villas. Below is Villa Rotonda, beautifully and thoughtfully designed in my opinion.


Of course we had to visit Carlo Scarpa’s cemetery. It is a private cemetery belonging to a woman. Below are tombstones for the couple. The husband passed away first many years before the wife. The wife requested Carlo Scarpa to design this cemetery to which Scarpa asked the wife if she would remarry and she said she would not.  This is why the cemetery was designed having the two tombstones containing husband and wife under this unifying arch, and if another husband was introduced in the scene, the cemetery’s design would have changed perhaps quite dramatically.


Below is an amazing Fresco, probably in one of the villas. We visited quite a few!

Below was taken during our day trip to Florence of the door of a church. The exterior was so exquisitely beautiful and intricate.  I had to wait almost 10 minutes for no one to be in front of me taking up close photos!

Below is the view at the top of the church. We climbed up passing through the interior of the dome, it was 463 steps!

And now to Rome! We stayed here for 4 days as well. Below was the Colosseum and it was alright. Great experience but not that I was particularly impacted by it.

Of course needed to get some gelato, this was probably number 3 or 4 … only!

Below is the view above the Vatican, climbed up loads of stairs once again.    

Got to visit my site for project 1! Such great sun and lighting that day. This was surprisingly an amazing and enjoyable experience, to see my site that I’ve been working on for the whole of first term.

This is our journey to Zaha Hadid’s Maxxi Museum. Interesting building and exhibitions I must say.

 In particular, I really enjoyed this exhibition below, which was a whole orchestrated assemblage of weaponry equipment like guns and other military machines. This was to heighten the awareness of the negative impact and concerns for the production of guns.


Finally we have Renzo Piano’s concert hall.

Managed to sneak in! Shhh.

I’m glad my unit enjoys drinking and socialising, even though I’m scared I really do want to join in and be a part of a joyous company. We got to get close with the tutors too, which isn’t usual even for other units. There were many experiences that I won’t forget, and God has blessed me with many amazing conversations. Conversations that I was able to build relationships with, and even conversations that allowed me to point my friends to God. I just hope that they will be able to consider and one day know of His love and to realise the amazing relationship we can have with our Father in Heaven.


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