Nietzsche’s snake: self-destructive positivism

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    By positivism, I mean the view that scientific knowledge is the only authoritative form of knowledge. Positivism tends to go hand in hand with naturalism, the position that nature is all that exists. Together, these two lead to the belief that all of Reality could, in theory, be explained in terms of science and logic. In other words, every bit of Nature could, in some idealized future, be described mechanistically.

Let’s see what our friend Nietzsche has to say about that:

At present, however, science, spurred on by its powerful delusion, is hurrying unstoppably to its limits, where the optimism hidden in the essence of logic will founder and break up. For there is an infinite number of points on the periphery of the circle of science, and while we have no way of foreseeing how the circle could ever be completed, a noble…

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