Weekend away 2015 <3!

It’s been an incredible past two days. I’m so glad to have an amazing godly church family. I’m so thankful that I can share things with them and not only spend time as a family but to grow in our relationship with God. 

We stayed at a hotel near Chalfont and Latimer station. It was beautiful being out in the country side where there is fresh air and much nature to be seen. 

We had 4 talks in total by Glynn Harrison who based his talks on his book ‘The Big Ego Trip’. 


And it was also about our identity in Christ and who we are as people.  

I quite liked how it’s God who reveals Himself through Christ, to which he then reveals the surface and hidden things of our heart. 

That being Christian isn’t something that we find in our hearts nor is it something man-made. 

Anyway, just want to keep it short. I’m just glad that the weekend away is just in the beginning of the term or else I would be swamped with work and won’t be able to bring myself to go. I’m so thankful to God that this year I’m in a unit with such sweetheart tutors. At least so far they have only been nice and encouraging instead of harsh and rude. So for that I am for sure blessed. 

I’m so glad we have started the weekly Bartlett Christians! 


Just being thankful to God for all his blessings!


One thought on “Weekend away 2015 <3!

  1. Dearest Hilda
    So indeed pleasing and happy to hear you in your writings proclaim your blessings from our gracious Lord! Indeed your blessings from God do overflow to the hearts and minds of mum and dad. Thank you yet again for being our one and only child. We love you very much.

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