My 21st Birthday

On my birthday I spent it with one of my best primary school friends, Tree. Her code name 🙂 and mine is Pix, like the pixie! She’s tall like a tree and I’m small like a pixie. At least compared to each other! So we ended up going to Warner Bro’s Harry Potter world! It was great fun and although expensive, so worth the visit!



It was amazing, how they exhibited all the old costumes, explained the ideas and making, props and especially the architectural aspect to how the rooms, places and scenes were designed! Unfortunately my phone died in the middle so I could not take photos of the scaled down version of the designs for each of the rooms. 

Later that night I met up with my boyfriend and together we cooked dinner and made banoffee pie 🙂



The day after my birthday, my boyfriend and I went to have dinner at my church friends house and they invited two other friends from my small group (fellowship). They prepared for me a Victoria sponge cake in the end of my birthday, which I unexpectedly ended up crying. I felt so blessed!

The next night, I organised a karaoke birthday and invited all my uni friends. Friends from my course, those I met in first year and through them, and others I’ve met at one off events came and I was so grateful and thankful. 



It’s the first time I’ve ever celebrated my birthday this big and I think the last time too. God has spoiled me so much and I’m so grateful to Him for all my friends. Even my old high school friends who were sweet enough to have made me a birthday video!

I’ve always thought I wanted to have a massive 20th birthday celebrations, but who knew that I would have a 21st instead! Because to me, turning 20 feels like a bigger deal as I would be leaving the ‘teens’. It definitely felt bigger as when I turned 21 I felt nothing at all. I guess age is catching on! 


One thought on “My 21st Birthday

  1. Hilda dearest, very very happy to know that you have had such a heart warming 21st birthday celebration with your friends and special boyfriend. We your parents are indeed blessed to have you as our daughter for you are indeed a blessing to all who have the opportunity to be close to you. We love! May God bless you always. Mum and Dad

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