Not enough in an idealistic world

What can measure the ‘right’ amount, to repeat “it’s not enough”, proving too demanding?

How long does one need to wait until a friendly gesture is extended?

Or perhaps it won’t ever cross their mind?

Why do I always wish for that extra effort? This I know the answer to.

What can detect the eagerness to reach out?

How can I reciprocate when I know I’ve implanted this idea?

Or perhaps it is merely a brainwashed realization?

Why do I have in my mind, this ‘perfect’ ideal? This I know the answer to, and the solution as well.

But I still have to ask, for them to understand my thoughts. If I have spoken of what’s on my heart, no one can say they were unaware of what I’ve felt and if they have the capacity of empathizing, I cannot accuse them for treating me wrong.


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