Mini Dramas :0!!!

In the architecture studio there’s been a little bit of some drama. I have a friend who doesn’t like person A. There’s been some little actions to which person A has been doing that just builds up the impression in my friends mind to be ‘annoying’ and bottom line a selfish person.

The last straw just so happened to be the day when my friend had to get some passport details done outside of the studio. During that time there was a laser cutting slot that my friend had to be present at for the whole time. I offered to check from time to time so my friend gladly and gratefully accepted and left. My friend even bought me lunch on the way back! I really didn’t want to accept it because I hope that my friend understand that regardless of giving me a gift, I would have done it.

Anyway, so person A happened to be at the laser cutting room 20 minutes before the slot ended. I was there to check if everything was going well, which it was. Person A asked me if it was possible to set up the files on the computer which I said was fine.

After I left the room, I came back 10 minutes past the slot (my mistake). By the time I reached person A was already cutting. I asked if the work was finished and where the work is. Person A said the workshop had them so I went to find my friend’s work.

The guy at the workshop luckily didn’t tell me off that badly, even though I’ve had the reputation for coming in extra early to use the laser cutters before. Thankfully we know each other as I have asked for his help in water jetting, and so at least he knows that I’m not just some random person.

After I had taken back the work, I was working and waiting for my friend to come back. When my friend arrived I was tempted to share what had happened at the workshop but I didn’t for 2 reasons:

  • my friend easily gets guilty and I didn’t want my friend to feel that way
  • I didn’t want my friend to have a worse image of person A already
  • I’ll throw in another reason which is the foundation of everything – that I know that God wouldn’t want me to talk behind other people and instead be loving. I really wanted to tell my friend what happened to make my friend feel bad and sorry for me because my personality has the tendency to secretly take joy (very frankly speaking as a human being)

After a while later, my friend came back and asked why I was told off! My friend found out it seems from other people in the laser cutter room. I eventually had to spill the beans.

The problem was that my friend hasn’t been just telling our close group of friends about how annoying person A is but to everyone! There’s been a lot of slander going on.

That was the main reason why I’ve been going home early. It’s quite funny because throughout the beginning and middle of the academic year I’ve mainly been staying until 10pm. But since hand in is nearing I’ve been going home early! I guess it also helped for me to have a crit a week before hand in because it was at that time I was barely sleeping. Still barely slept after but it has been much better.

Another episode was when my other friend has been giving someone the silent treatment. it’s quite obvious but she asked me how was it that I was able to cope with this person.

I knew what my answer would be: I can’t do it without God’s love and strength. Without knowing that I can tolerate but not know how to love this person.

But I went on to say we don’t know what this person has been through, everyone’s different in what they can deal with etc. Then my friend said well his family loves him and I said well maybe he’s experienced other difficulties other than family.

Reality is, he’s told me his issues with his family and comparison within it and as well as I have over heard his struggles in school which I haven’t told anyone about. But truth is, we don’t know what has happened to a person, what they’ve been through. All we can do is to love them even though they may seem ‘annoying’.

My friend finds that he has a big ego (which to be honest could be bigger), but it’s the case because of a greater emotion within her. She tends to like humble people and can get jealous or envious easily. That’s why humble people are more compatible with her.

Anyway…… it’s finally the end of the year….. phewwwwww


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