End of 2nd academic year!

Yay! Finally…. second years have handed in their work a week ago and finally the third years have handed in today.

It’s been tough and long hard work. So in UCL architecture, we have an unspoken rule whereby the second years assist the third years with their work. Second years hand in their work a week earlier than the third, which is how this works.

There’s a lot of pros to it that we learn and understand other people’s working methods as well as picking up different skills to execute drawings and models etc.

Also it’s very weird when you find out someone is taking a holiday off and it doesn’t give a really great impression of someone.

Anyway, here’s all my hard work. Not the best but I can say that I’m satisfied and alright with it. It’s a fish restaurant in Shanghai. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to work smarter and more diligently with God’s help!

Project 2 Final Drawings

And here’s my one to one stuff (or more like 1:10 or 1:5 even). The first three are my iteration models out of 5 made of galvanised steel, water jet cut and either riveted or bolted together.

hex square module hex module rhombus module

Details of my final model:


And here’s the model that my third year friend asked me to do! It was tiring but good fun 🙂


I just hope that my friend can understand that architecture is just architecture as she was stressing out so much about it. She tends to compare herself and place her identity in her work. It makes her feel very discouraged and worth a lot less… but I told her that I would much rather give up my career than lose a family member. At the end of the day its the relationships we make and the people we love and care about. If you tried your best in working, it doesn’t matter if you are not the best or top. There will always be someone better or worse off.


2 thoughts on “End of 2nd academic year!

  1. Dearest Hilda
    Again I have to say that you are a rare gem and true inspiration to many and we love you. May God bless you abundantly always.

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