My friends will burn in hell…

So the other day, I was talking to my friend over messenger. It was quite light and casual until it seemed that he became annoyed or frustrated with me and asked me the question ‘Does it disturb you that your non-Christian friends would burn in hell?’

Why I would interpret that as annoyed/frustration/(maybe even a bit pissed) from his part is I guess because perhaps to do with how I hurt him a long while ago. Also if one wanted to be careful with words not to hurt or upset me they would be more sensitive with the choice of words.

Anyway, at first I was shocked with the question, later on annoyed and upset. My next reaction was to be sarcastic and take offense at it. I was really tempted to do that but I knew that God would not have wanted that. So I went and prayed, read His word and prayed how I could reply the message with love and respect.

Finally I ended up with the reply: Yes it does disturb me, so I hope to share with them who Jesus is. I definitely find it difficult. But also, it’s not very nice to think about family not being a part of God’s family. But regardless, thinking and feeling sad that my friends would ‘burn in hell’ doesn’t change the fact that God is true or not. If he isn’t real then there’s no point in me saying any of these things.

He didn’t say anything after that, though I hoped that the next step would be for him to consider once more of understanding exactly who God is and not on the surface.

Originally I wanted to say in a sarcastic way: what the heck do you think I’m doing then? Absolutely nothing?! You know with that question is so hurtful because you think that I don’t care about my friends and yeah I have this faith of mine and ladidi I’m so glad I’m saved and others can just go about their lives whatever?

Gosh I’m so glad that I didn’t do that, I had to pray a lot for God’s Spirit to guide me for that one. I would have come across as 1. affected by my friend (probably boosts his ego or whatever) 2. Absolutely obnoxious 3. “emotional” 4. showing that I am pissed is not a sign of love 5. It gives him reason to show I’m not living out my faith

When I think about Jesus’ life, from the gospels, there is not a single moment where Jesus lied or used violence to get out of a troubling or trialing situation. He would only not reveal too much as his time was not ready to be taken to the cross. His answers would always adjust according to the crowd — and yet he remains true to the Father.

Only good can overcome evil and this is one truth that I’ve seen to be undeniable. It really silences people or at least causes them to think or consider. Even if they don’t, I don’t want to be the person that I dislike or hate.

Anyway, I hope my friend would find God’s love. I’ve been praying for him, on and off since I’ve known him, but it’s funny how his name is the same name as a family member, that way I won’t forget to pray for him ๐Ÿ™‚ Praise God ๐Ÿ™‚


One thought on “My friends will burn in hell…

  1. Dearest Hilda
    I am so happy for you the way you interact with your friend (P)and replied to his cynical question after a thoughtful prayer. May God bless you and fill you up with his holy spirit in all that you think, say and do. May he bless you abundantly and help you grow in wisdom and stature.
    Love. Daddy

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