Excited for Easter!

I think this year has been surprisingly free – in terms of my architecture course – maybe not relaxed and not completely free that I don’t need to work but rather I want to prioritise other things than work.

God’s been good! I think I’ve learned a lot now from my attitudes towards work. It seems that it has been an issue that it is an unconscious idol that I think about but then realise that God is greater and in Him I can have the courage and strength to keep calm and carry on!

Just last week I’ve started Uncover John and I’ve been wanting to do Uncover for so long and thank God I’ve been given the opportunity! I’m no good in one to one explaining the gospel because I feel a little bit more scared but as a group I feel I could be more helpful, but of course it’s God who works through us 🙂

Uncover is a little booklet that has a few chapters of the gospel and some discussion questions and other little facts that help people understand who Jesus was and what he came to do.

It’s amazing because God has placed in my life a dear friend whom I met through a one off volunteering event. It was about a year ago and soon after that event I invited her to our Christian Union’s Christmas Carol. Funnily enough after one whole year I haven’t spoken to her at all! Until it came around the time of Christmas did she contact me! I have been thinking about her from time to time but I was too shy to contact her.

Thank God she did! She remembered and I was so glad she enjoyed coming the previous year 🙂 We have then made a coffee date and I also invited her to another CU event. People have been praying for her and ever since that event I’ve also been praying that I could be able to share the gospel with her. God so happened to make it happen! Hence Uncover John 🙂 It was amazing because I was asked by one of the CU committee members and because of my extremely busy course I prayed about it….

and decided yes, God, thank you for this opportunity! I’m co-hosting with a UCCF worker and she’s the sweetest girl x Every Thursday we will gather at her place for a meal and go through the gospel! The first Thursday none of the girls could come (2 of them). Luckily, that gave me some time to prepare for my tutorial the next day and honestly I did not feel prepared until I was given that window of time to do a bit of work!

The next week for Uncover was approaching and I suddenly thought and prayed to God that I could invite my friend to come along! It was amazing that she said yes, what encouraged me to ask as well was that my course mate who’s now the ex-prayer organiser at our CU (as the new committee has been chosen) invited me to see the eclipse with her friend. So I thought it would be very safe to invite my friend to both and she can decide if she wants to go for one or both!

She didn’t end up coming to watch the eclipse at Primrose hill but I was so thankful she came to Uncover! And even more grateful that she wanted to come again!

And the most amazing thing was, when I went to see the eclipse (which unfortunately the clouds pretty much covered), I got to meet my coursemate’s friend – which they both met at one of CU’s talk events. Apparently, my coursemate’s friend knows my friend! Small world…..

And so I feel as though God has really placed in our lives these friends to help them know about His great love! Wow, just the way He works is… I don’t even have the words to say…

Also it was very interesting, I met a new friend today at cafe Nero. She’s Australian but is a business woman. Interesting how we became friends even facebook friends after I lent her my charger! The life God’s given me is… full of challenges and wonderful surprises!


One thought on “Excited for Easter!

  1. It is so wonderful to hear over and over again your enthusiasm in putting God as your number one priority in life. Keep it up. We will pray for you always. Love, daddy

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