This is sooooo weird

Today has been a strange day. My roommate and flatmate are staring at me… smiling. The most productive thing that they can do is sleep. They think it’s like some kind of drama … watching me do my thing. This is so awkward.

It’s all because of what happened this afternoon. So I went out with the guy that I like to a museum on university campus. Since he does his PHd in university on Saturdays so I thought it would be better to do something that’s near him. Before meeting him I was extremely nervous. Luckily I had time for a quick prayer before he came. We had a good time at the museum, which houses ancient Egyptian archaeological artifacts. I’ve always wanted to go since first year so I asked if he likes to go to museums, which I’m so thankful he said yes!

Midway, he had to go back to the lab to check on his work so I went with him. The lab was really cool and getting there was a series of confusing staircases to get there. After that, we were heading back to the museum and just before we entered, he asked if we could go somewhere else and sit down to talk because he wanted to tell me something. Then I thought ‘Okay confession is coming up soon’.

We went to a park just next to our university and it took some time for him to finally say it. Then I started telling him about our first coffee and that I actually bought a marriage book because my pastor did not have any dating books! It took me some time to say that I liked him back. When we confirmed that we both wanted to start dating, he asked if we could pray about it! Gosh I was thinking that the whole time as I was walking from Starbucks (after working with my flatmate) to the museum! I’m so glad that we decided to pray about it! 🙂

I just can’t believe…. I have a boyfriend now. I thank God so much for it and … it’s so funny how things just turned out the way it did.

When I went back home, the flat was filled with ‘can’t believe this is happening’ and excitement! So much that we all couldn’t work, opps! But now I’m with my flatmate outside at a cafe.. and I will be working after this but I just have to write about this! Gosh…….. funny how it’s also my Mum’s birthday 😀


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