Wow it’s been 2 years!

Since that faithful day … since that day that I thought was the lowest point of my life. Since I thought I lost my best friend and even almost foolishly traded trust in God for an uncertain chance to be with my could-have-been-boyfriend.

And then He really turned my life around! My relationship with my Dad is great! I’ve been given a wonderful fellowship! I’m so much more grateful in times of trial and I see and know where I’m running to. The meaning of friendship and relationships have that deeper sense of value! And my relationship with God has come a long way!

Knowing God for 2 years has been the best time of my life. He’s shown me my unconscious motives and intentions, revealed what people are truly capable of and why we love our neighbours anyway!

I’ve promised Him the day after I decided to put my trust in Him not to date anyone for at least a year. And now maybe… just maybe… I might receive that gift!

It’s so funny because a guy from my Christian Union asked me out for coffee… and just because of that I was like (well not really freaking out) but was super nervous (okay that does sound like I was freaking out) but I went and bought a marriage book at my church!

Yeah from a non-Christian’s perspective (and maybe even for some Christians) that’s just really … yes… perhaps a bit too much!

I don’t want to screw up. I’ve already screwed up so many times in my past. If I really do end up dating some time soon with God knows who, I want to check my intentions. I really hope that I can love my partner in reflection to how God loves us. It’s quite the challenge but.. with God all things are possible 🙂

So below is the book that I bought – Married for God by Christopher Ash. I was initially supposed to find a dating book for Christians but since my church didn’t have any, my pastor was encouraging this book because well if you have dating in mind you wouldn’t just date and not think about marriage in consideration to God.


Yesterday I had a Lunar New Year Dinner at my church and so I’m really glad one of my friends from my course accompanied me because I also invited the guy from CU as well. It really means so much to me when a friend comes along because I would really hope that everyone would get along 🙂

Anyway, it’s all in God’s hands. If this isn’t meant to be, I’ll still have my gift of singleness as “My circumstances are God’s gracious gift to me, and I am to learn to accept them from his hand as such.” p.132 from Married for God (Ash) 🙂


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