So many blessings!

It’s been an amazing week filled with God’s cheesy blessings!

I’ll just give thanks in bullet points for now:

  • My parents sharing their experience at ICA church and with other Christians
  • Finding out a mutual friend with my pastor through my Christian Union
  • Being able to support my friends at uni with this upcoming essay
  • My lovely fellowship that I can share and grow with in knowing God
  • My dinner with Christian Union at Nandos. I was scared I wouldn’t be able to talk to anyone (since I’m more used to talking to mature people as I am one of the youngest at my fellowship and few of the students at church) but I’m glad that I got to know two people in particular of who they are and how they came to Christ
  • My new friendship I have formed at CU’s dinner! She’s amazingly lovely! I pray for her to find a new church and settle in and grow to know Christ!
  • My late night study/chill time with my flat mates. I’m so glad we are able to share more things
  • A special someone at CU who I kinda like……. like have a crush on…. haha.. I’m so embarrassed but yeah…….
  • My lovely God loving course mate that we can share of our relationships regarding¬†others
  • Working at a steady pace in uni!
  • Praying to God daily…… gosh I feel like He’s back in my life and I thirst no more! Hope this period would last longer … because it tends to go away during deadline period!

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