What’s the real meaning of family?

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Family. They care for us, fight for us, fight with us, annoy us, make us laugh at stupid things, do stupid things with us. Ideally they are there for us through thick and thin and they love us no matter what.

The dictionary defines family as a primary social group consisting of parents and their offspring. But there are times when we define family for ourselves because we recognise that family is not always about flesh and blood. It’s about who is there for us day in and day out. It’s about who cared enough to stick around and love us when we were growing up. It’s about who walked to the corner dairy with us, who fought with us over toys, who raced out of bed with us at five in the morning to see what was under the Christmas tree.

And God has His own ideas about family too. He’s the one who designed the family unit…

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