Days leading to Crit

Wow sounds scary… If you are an art student and more specifically an architecture student! The last two weeks have been extremely intense! Sleeping between 3-6 hours right up until Friday night! Friday I slept for 9 hours and last night 7. I wonder how long it would last!

I’ve been not just busy with my crit (presenting my work to a panel of tutors and peers) but also with Christian Union events week!

So we had our 247 prayer for a week and I’m amazed I went for 2 slots (each an hour)! One at around 9pm and the other at 1am. I wasn’t planning to go for 2 but since there was a last minute empty slot I decided to take it.

I’ve also been going for my weekly fellowship and I absolutely love it! I’m the youngest apart from my group leaders lil cutie baby :3! The age group and range is perfect. 20 to 50 with 2 couples and 9 people.

I was asked to host one of the talks: is Science and God really compatible? I took a whole day to decide if I should co-host but I decided to trust God it wouldn’t eat into my working time. I’ve also prayed a long time before that I would still be able to be active in mission week because I really enjoyed it the year before!

At the lunch bar I was so scared because I’m not confident in presenting in front of a crowd but my co-host was sweet enough to pray for me before we began.

Then there was Wednesday morning of prayer. I was struggling to go or not but I’m glad I could help pray.

The day of crit was… Actually the calmest ever! I finished printing everything the day before and I had 5 hours of sleep…. Not bad at all!

Before my presentation I skimmed through my notes but half way I decided to just pray. When it was finished, and after I took down my work I realised how fluent and eloquently I spoke. Never before did it go this smoothly! A little miracle right there I had to thank God 🙂

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

Pardon my friend! haha she was making poses, just to protect her identity I’ve just cropped it.

That night I went to a Chinese Christian Union event so the whole talk was in Chinese! I only understood 70% but still it wasn’t bad 🙂 I brought along a friend and I was so glad she could make it even though it’s last minute. I tried to invite her for the lunch bar I spoke at but stupidly gave her the wrong location and I didn’t have the 3G to let her in 😦 but thank God she could come to at least one event! I really hope some day she can understand God’s love.

After the talk I asked her what she thought and she said that she couldn’t quite understand. I think (or what I gather) is that she’s an extremely nice person. It would be difficult to grasp the concept of sin and why we need or why everyone needs forgiving and the standards God has. But I really hope that she would be able to come more to these events and that I would make the effort to spend more time with her!

Later that night I met up with Miru and had a good chat. Turns out she was praying for my eloquence in presenting! I found out this morning after skyping my Mum that she was praying a lot for me on Thurs and the day of my crit without knowing I was going to have it. I haven’t told my parents much. But wow I’m so grateful for everyone’s prayer :’)


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