Starting a long-distance relationship…

Initially, I used to think that as long as there’s love between two people, nothing can get in the way. That was before I was Christian.

Then I thought if you are both Christians, long distance wouldn’t be a problem. That no matter what the distance or how long you wouldn’t break up.

Then I realised its more complicated than that as I observed my roommates relationship with her boyfriend (that I’ve reblogged). As a Christian it’s not about what we want, rather we must listen to what our Father has planned for us. We may pray for a relationship to last, but ultimately God will lead us and show us the best path for us. Even if relationships don’t last between Christians, you don’t know who you’ll meet next to help in the growths of each other’s faith.

At least, this is to the extent of dating. Marriage is something else entirely!



I recently started a long-distance relationship (Tokyo-London) with my boyfriend who I have been dating for about 9 months. I plan to use this page to jot down parts of our journey as we overcome the difficulties and the fun of our long-distance relationship. This includes encouragement from friends, what we learn from each other, and taking the journey with God. Of course we rather be together, but I choose to believe that this is what is best for us at this moment. We’re not 100% confident that this will last, but we know that whatever happens, God will care for both of us, and we will always be great friends and brother and sister in Christ. This is my first time blogging about a relationship, so I’m determined to continue this. Lets see how it goes…


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