Lovely blessing

I have this friend who is studying in Oxford and she is one of a kind. She’s sweet, lovely and so caring! I sound like I’m in love with her but why yes, I love my friends!

We met up today at Kamps, a great German bakery that opened in London.


Interestingly, she studies Arabic and can read parts of the Quran! She’s English though – which for me is really surprising. It’s rare finding people interested in religion and those who want to question the world and find out if there really is a deeper purpose.

It isn’t an easy journey because it is more likely to feel that we can’t ever know the truth since there’s too much to research on and thus give up… Especially if you attempt doing it on your own.

So we got into a massive discussion about religion. More specifically on evil, suffering, validity of the holy books and so on.

Later on, I found out that she is also interested in reading the bible and understanding it because she’s far more knowledgeable of the Quran than I am.

Apparently there are other manuscripts called Haddiths that were orally passed on describing the life of Prophet Muhammad. Some of which contradict the Quran yet some people may use them as an excuse to pardon their wrong doings.

Another interesting aspect I’ve learnt today is that some translations of the Quran are not the most accurate (from Arabic to English ) such as if it is a man can hit a woman but the term is actually tap – this is very different.

We even talked about previous life and how there are some scary articles written on this.

Such as this for example (which we actually did discuss about)


Which is about a 2 year old boy found having disturbing dreams about World War II and describing events as though he was one of the men who served during the war.

All very fascinating stuff, but the best part and the part I’m most thankful for was that she agreed to coming to church this Sunday!!! I sure hope she won’t forget and I’m so glad God answered my prayer with a yes! I really didn’t know how things would have turned out but I’m glad the way it did. I’m so grateful to God in my heart!

Anyway, I’m so happy we managed to keep in contact for so long. We met at UCL’s dance society. Yet she’s studying in Oxford! Strange how things turned out.


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