Hello Blogosphere + From Atheist to Christian

This is my friend’s blog who is from my Christian Union. He writes a lot on the tough questions that are to do with faith. Trying to understand God and to defend why we believe in Him is tough and not easy to go through alone. That’s why I hope to encourage and keep people engaged in questioning so they can understand God better 🙂

Life under investigation

Hello Blogosphere

I was recently introduced to WordPress and shown how to blog for a website I was editing. It sounded fun, so I thought I might give it a go and see what happened.

I’m sure if you’re reading this, you either know me, are lost on the internet, or are mixing me up with my cousin (I genuinely have a cousin called Benjamin Chang. It was abysmal planning by my parents). If you are in the latter two categories, greetings! I’m Ben; I’m a medical student at UCL.

From Atheist to Christian

I don’t follow blogs much, so I have no idea how people usually start blogs (or indeed what people actually generally write). So I thought I’d write a little ramble of a story about a teenage atheist called Ben. This is the story of what brought me from a position of skepticism about all religions, to the place I am now-…

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