I slept for 17 hours on Thursday night (part 1)

The week before that though was completely crazy. Our unit was locked up at our tutor’s farm! But in a good way because it really gave us that extra push to work right before the crit. It was so intense. The first day was alright, I had like maybe 6 hours of sleep. The second day was 4 and a half. The third day was 3 and a half and the fourth day was 30 minutes. The night before crit was 3 and a half hours and then the day came. It was not as frantic as my past experiences because at that stage I thought well there’s really nothing more that I could do!

If I attempted to do more, then I would end up showing an even more half hearted piece of work — as I had already drawn out the plans and sections but had no colour or life in it. I could have added the background, people etc but then it would not have looked that great so I didn’t bother.

Crit was alright actually. However I’ve discovered a few things. In fact there’s so much to say! Things that happened on the farm workshop, at the crit and after the crit!

Maybe I should begin at the workshop?

I found out a while ago actually that one of my unit mates is a Christian. I’ve never asked any further questions … because I’m shy and just … shy really haha. Near the end of the intense working hours at the farm, when everyone else seemed to be either in the workshop working or sleeping while we were in the studio space, God seemed to allow the chance for us to talk.

So I directly asked him about the church he went to. I thought… and hoped that would have been a good start. And I was so glad and so relieved to find out that he was serious about his faith! I was so shocked and surprised actually when I found out he was a Christian because I had always thought and gathered from the personality and actions I’ve observed from him .. That he would be someone who is very self reliant and therefore would find the idea of relying on God completely alien. I’m so glad I got the courage to ask though, because now Heidi (which is another sweet friend of mine) has managed to include him and hopefully a few of the third years to the Bartlett Christian group! Haha yes… we are so cool…….. xD

Anyway, my time at the farm I found was amazing, even though it was so intense and stressful. However, with everyone working next to each other, being able to discuss about both life and work was very uplifting because we were not working individually but as a team! I really enjoyed it… getting to know everyone a little more. There is probably one person that I have a hard time having a casual chat with… because I think we’re both shy about it and perhaps awkward. But I’m so glad and thank God that I have the extra courage to say simple things like ‘how are you’, ‘how was this’ or even commenting on work and stuff. I’m so happy as well whenever we greet each other… when he responds when I greet him and even better when he greets me first!

I pray so hard that we can grow closer as a unit… I really think God put 3 Christians in the unit for a reason anyway. So far, it’s been an incredible experience. A very encouraging one too because… honestly this past month since I haven’t posted anything has been one heck of a ride.

I almost forgot what was real and what isn’t. Very philosophical I think. Perhaps a little extreme to put it in that way. I should say I almost forgot what the real end goal is… which is God! To grow in relationship with Him and that He has a bigger plan for us all. That our current worldly affairs is temporary and that He will provide for us 🙂

I remember the day I was going to go for my Christian Union weekend away, my tutors said really hurtful things. I was trying to not let that affect me… but I’m only human right? Thank God that I was going to go away and I would not have traded it for anything because it was just a really encouraging thing. It’s funny how if a non-believer reads this… it does really sound insane! Haha. I am quite aware of this … or rather conscious of this but … I feel like I can relate in a sense because if you don’t believe beyond what you see, it makes sense to think either career or love life or whatever other hobby or interest dictates your life.


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