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So it was a really hectic day yesterday. I barely had enough sleep since I had to do work… and since the visit of my friend (which I don’t regret of course x). We had an intense design and concept discussion with different tutors yesterday morning and then after lunch a little time to prepare for a pin up!

I’ve been learning more new things about my unit mates and I really hope to get to know them better. I really love them though already. In my heart I am so thankful to God that he’s provided me another Christian friend. I’m so glad that everyone’s pretty open and that my unit tutor had organised a meal out together and that most of us went! I think it’s really important to have these social occasions especially when we will be working together. It makes us as a team stronger rather than just showing up for work.

It was very interesting because my Christian friend and I started talking about the people we know and how she got into a conversation about faith with a Muslim friend of hers. Then this guy who I knew from my very first year (now year 3) joined the conversation. I found out that he has had a ‘religious’ background growing up in the church. Protestant education on week days and Catholic church on weekends. He now believes that all faiths lead to God just because if you seek to do good that’s that.

Of course it would be awkward to launch into an apologetic conversation so we just shared our opinions. Even my unit tutor shared some of his! He feels that being spiritual is a good thing.

Very interesting conversations. I’m just hoping to break down awkward barriers and just show more and more of my silly self. And I’m glad though, because people make eye contact with me more 🙂 haha. I sound like such a social outcast. But at the same time I’m thankful I love listening.

I’m so mystified at what God will do this year!

My goal of this year I suppose since Mirk has hers as

James 1:19
be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry

Mine would be

Philippians 2:3,14
in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests, but each of you to the interests of others. Do everything without grumbling or arguing.

haha the last sentence has been a little challenging because there are moments where I really had to shut my mouth up.

It’s so weird. Honestly. What kind of person would I be without Christ at this very moment of my life?

I really can’t imagine.


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