Work begins…

It’s been an interesting day.

I had lunch with three friends from my architecture department at a Vietnamese cafe/restaurant called Vietnamese Bang Bang Canteen.

wpid-20140926_124725.jpg wpid-20140926_124818.jpg

And the food and coffee was amazing! ❤ ❤ Slightly pricey but it’s London. And did I mention the food was amazing?? The interior was beautifully designed – not ornamented – but simplistic and stylish. The seats closest to the entrance were set like cafe style, while further back seemed more private and intimate. It’s definitely worth going back though!

The location is near Tottenham Court Road, down Euston road. Very close to my studios.

After that we had an intro lecture and then my friend and I had bubble tea then went back to the new Bartlett for our unit meeting.

UG 10 was amazing. I love our tutors. Love them soooo much. They are exactly the kinds of tutors I’ve been wanting. They were like — call us up whenever. Here’s our phone numbers, emails and this is the place where we usually are! Or words to that effect…

Guan Lee and Peter Webb are our tutors.

Afterwards I had dinner with some friends. It was… an odd meal. I call it odd because I really don’t know what to make of it! I was really happy to see my friends of course because I haven’t seen them in ages. However… I knew it was awkward for some people … though I didn’t really feel awkward at all. Also at one point a lady got quite intimidated and things kind of just almost escalated in a sensitive way. Not going to go into details but well… it was… a peculiar dinner is all I’m going to say. I would actually like to meet up again though, because I felt that we could have talked more. Hmm yeah I guess this is kind of irrelevant since I’m not going to reveal much but… yeah.

An interesting day. And now I have to work like crazy!! This year’s brief is about bridges and since I’ve been given it I’ve become more and more excited!

I might get into a competition to design a bridge for Nine Elms South Bank. It is a new pedestrian and cycle bridge connecting Nine Elms on the South Bank with the historic Pimlico embankment. So that’s all really exciting 🙂


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