My arms hurt so much!

Right so basically my portfolio weighs almost 10kg. No joke. It is supposed to take me 25 minutes to walk to the Bartlett (my studio), but no. It took me 40 minutes to walk there.

I applied for unit 3, but I didn’t get in. I was told after I brought my portfolio back by bus.

So the next day I tried to take bus again, but had no money on my oyster! Then realised they have this new stupid policy of no cash! Only oyster or contactless. Great! So I actually took a cab! My arms were already so sore from the previous day. I needed.. or I thought I ‘needed’ to get to the Bartlett early at like 8:30am in case if the sign up sheets for the units were unexpectedly up (since the Bartlett loves to give surprises).

The sign up sheets were supposed to be 11am but ended up being 12:30pm. Yup perfect.

Anyway, so I went through 2 interviews today. Unit 8 and 10. I got in to 10! And to be honest I’m feeling really relieved and good about it. I love how the tutor was honest and really nice.

He said my work was repetitive and gets boring! Omg I’m sooo thankful! Well wasn’t as much at the time but I love how straightforward he was. I asked him what he or the unit was looking for in a student. He said that any student has potential and mentioned some other things. Yet he still accepted me anyways — regardless of whatever the reason is, I know he’s a tutor that wants to help students and is concerned about our education.

That’s all I needed to know. I think we clicked?? haha. I think that’s quite important. Well now I’m so relieved! I’ve been quite excited already and borrowed books and did a little bit of research to my projects.

I don’t understand what God is doing, but somehow he’s led me to this unit. I’m so excited to see what will happen! I’m just glad I finally in a unit and the people who have got in I really like! I’m so glad that I have friends in this unit so I have nothing much to worry about. Yet at least… haha!


And at least I got these sweet earphones from my dear roomie 🙂 Love the design!

So that’s my birthday. I’ll be officially 20 in 8 minutes as I type. I don’t want to exit my teens! Ahh!


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