Tough decisions


So today’s the day I have to decide what unit I want to get into. If I end up not liking it or tutors end up being unhelpful there goes my academic year!

Yesterday I sat through 4 hours of presentation. From 11 units I narrowed it down to 3. So basically in the Bartlett School of Architecture BSc year 2 and 3 have to choose a unit for the following year.

Unit 3 is more ecological, you get to actually work with a real client and it’s very useful for understanding raw material.

Unit 7 is more imaginative yet it deals with a real life prediction of San Francisco having an earthquake in the future that has been statistically calculated. It aims on providing a structure for the aftermath of the earthquake and it would involve presenting creative solutions – that is what attracts me.

Unit 10 is a new unit. It is about building a bridge and it involves testing more modern materials, dealing more in depth with computing and is more engineering based.

So all are practical in essence but… I need to really think what kind of an architect I want to be! Or God wants me to be rather and to be honest I’m not sure yet.

I am right now mainly leaning on unit 3… but I also know I hope for the unit to prepare me for the final year too. I hope unit 3 would after I build on my background of environmental strategy.

It was after all one of the reasons why I wanted to do architecture… also the fact that I would like to work for charity projects.

What kind of architect do I want to be? Ah that is a hard question. I’ll be facing the interview in like a few hours. Pray it goes well!


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