Another Chapter begins!

Here I am at the airport. Feeling nervous heading back. Not sure how the second year will go. Feeling the pressure of catching up with friends, keeping up uni grades and just… yeah I always feel this way before a new chapter begins!

Praying to God though helps, because I know He has everything under control and that there’s nothing much to be worrying about. The weird thing though is I’m more worried about my birthday than anything else!! I’m turning 20 soon… and I cannot believe it. For me it’s a big deal because I’m no longer in my –teens! I feel like I want to plan something big, but then in the end it’ll probably end up just me in my flat with loads of birthday wishes on facebook haha!

It’s strange because even though I’m like pretty much 20 already, I don’t feel like an adult at all! Always, at these times of transition I feel restless and just jumpy! A little scatterbrained too like all my thoughts are flying all over the place.

Well, I guess this is it. I trust You Lord, just take me wherever you want me to go!


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