Highlights in Shanghai

So there was a couple of very odd things I’ve experienced in Shanghai, but all experiences have been such a blessing!


So I can’t not have a picture of coffee. But that’s more mundane stuff.

Here are some pictures that I took and like 😛

20140831_141631 20140907_153144

A friend of mine bought Mahjong set so we played like loads. It’s a Chinese game that I used to play with my family but we haven’t in ages. Love playing it though! I kinda wish I could show the win my friend had, because it looked really good 🙂 Better than my set of ‘tongs’ (the round circles). He had all the directions!


Okay so I met my Shanghai Grandmother. That was weird. She was selling these flower bracelets at the station I get off for my work (internship). I heard her speak Cantonese and thought, that’s strange could she be from Hong Kong? I stared at her row of bracelets for a long time and thought why not just ask how much they are. I asked in Cantonese and her puzzled look was enough for me to realise she wasn’t from Hong Kong or anywhere near the South. Only after she told me she had friends from Hong Kong, which was why she knew a bit. We had small talk with the limited Chinese I had but she ended up asking for my number!

At first I was suspicious — like any normal person would feel.. it’s not every day an old lady asks for your number! But I thought well what’s the worst that could happen? It’s not like she works with some undercover agency that can track me down. But the reason why I gave it was not because I thought to hell with it, let’s do dis. Somehow we got into the conversation of how often she sells her flowers. Then somehow she told me she goes to church on Sundays! I was surprised because Chinese people have to go in secret because the government does not allow any religious activity. Or at least the public churches would be controlled by the government so technically, it wouldn’t really be church anymore.

The old lady’s name is Yang Xin Ying. She asked when she could call me and I said preferably Saturday morning. I didn’t really know what to expect or if she would call until it actually happened! But then when she was trying to tell me how to get to her place, she handed over the phone to her son! It was because I didn’t understand how to get there, but I was thinking oh gosh please do not let this be some kind of match making thing!!! I was super nervous. I was trying to take a taxi there… and I was thinking… Hilda what are you doing!! Are you crazy and insane?! Then I was praying to God — if it’s your will I’ll go but if not just don’t give me any available taxis! 

So in the end I took a taxi and arrived. I saw the old lady and her son but as soon as we met up, he went his own way! Interesting.. so she put her arm around mine and it was like as if we had always been related!

Then she led me to her home. She was telling me ‘I’m not a bad person!’ — and in any right person’s mind that means something fishy! But I just… I don’t know!! Gosh. I asked how can I address her and she said I could call her NaiNai (奶奶), which means Grandmother.

When we reached her home, she provided lunch for me. It was a small, cosy and cluttered home. Very Chinese in fact.


She even invited me to her Chinese church! Honestly, such a pity I couldn’t go. I ended up going to Huang Shan (黄山), which was a really beautiful tourist place. I really want to go back to Shanghai, just to meet my fellowship group, my 奶奶 and for the place! I really ended up liking Shanghai a lot — apart from the pollution…




These are the pictures from Huang Shan, it was really lovely. Although it was tough climbing up, had a difficult time sleeping on the train, and sweated a lot, it was great 😀


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