CRCC Asia Review

I’m a student, just finished my first year and will move on to the second. The summer before second year starts, I decided to go for CRCC Asia‘s intern programmes. These are my thoughts, my experiences plus my friends experiences.

My overall thoughts? Would I recommend it?

Go ahead at your own risk!

Now that means exactly what it means. By all means go ahead and try it out, but it isn’t guaranteed worth the money.

Now for me, I took the language programme and internship programme. There’s several you can take. You can stay for one month, two months or three months. You can also throw in a travel programme, though I won’t talk about that since I didn’t pick it. I chose the 2 month programme at Shanghai.

It seems that they have increased the prices. When I applied for the language and internship programme, it was 2400 pounds around. But technically, if you stay for 2 months, it would be around 61 days. The hotel that we stayed at would be around 200 yuan, which means 20 pounds. So accommodation is actually 1,220 pounds. So you would pay 1,180 pounds extra for the programme to find you the internship. Of course, it isn’t as simplistic as that. They do provide extra events such as cultural (either making dumplings, calligraphy etc.), a lecture (to do with business), a charity event and end of the month karaoke. They are affiliated with Mandarin House, which provides the Chinese teaching course.

For my first month, I had the Chinese programme. I thought that it was amazing. It was just great. But it would cost about 780 pounds for internship placement.

Okay so enough about prices. The Chinese programme I found was amazing. CRCC asia really picked a good one. The teachers are amazing, class is from 9am to 12:30pm (which I think is the perfect amount of time to learn the language before your brain melts!).

The books the provide is good, the learning environment is satisfactory and yeah, what more can I say? The location of the building is great for finding local foods and such.

However, during my first month, my roommate had a difficult time with her internship. She also found that others had difficult time as well. Why? Basically when CRCC dropped some of them off, the supervisors did not even know that they were supposed to arrive or I even had one friend who had her supervisor away!

Some people were given internships that were not their first choice. I had two Spanish interns that did come to my firm and they wanted to do something along the lines of business but ended up at an architecture firm. I feel that that is way off, what in the world would they do in an architecture firm!? Of course they left.

Anyway, I know some wouldn’t voice out about their unsatisfactory views of their internship because they were there for only a month.

Why is it that the interns would feel cheated is that they were promised a good connection between CRCC and the firms, but in my firm, they didn’t even know what to do with interns. What rights they had. Some firms for my friends had only started out and thus there wasn’t much to do. Some interns just sit and do nothing for hours.

Also, the other full time colleagues are not notified of our qualifications and thus it is difficult to give tasks. My company also told me that CRCC just drop off interns. The company is not notified when they come or even how long they will stay.

One of my friends did mention though, that it is fine if CRCC does not provide services such as how to contact whoever for this issue in the firm or company, but the fact that CRCC says that they have thorough connections with them and do not state the limitations of their support is simply off putting. I know a friend who has emailed them several times and some also met up with them at their office but there’s little that they can do to help our situations if we are given little work.

Once, a friend told one of the members of CRCC about her concerns at work and that she isn’t given enough work. That CRCC member emailed the supervisor with the title ‘(my friend’s name) complaining’, when she said she would not mention my friend at all! My friend found this out when she saw her supervisor’s email.

On a lighter note, there are some interns that are completely satisfied. They have many other interns there as well, and also given a lot of work. Their experience has met their expectations and more.

Honestly though, if one wants to go to this programme in Shanghai, I’d suggest staying more than a month definitely and once you are not satisfied or given little work, speak up straight away or else you would waste more time.

Well, yup. That’s my experience for CRCC Asia’s programme in Shanghai. I did learn a lot in my firm though, but I wasn’t given enough work. However I don’t have a right to complain because I cannot use CAD software so I just stuck to basic photoshop. I would be more useful if I did my second year already, but still it was an interesting experience nonetheless. I wasn’t given the best and I mean most fulfilling experience, but neither was it the worst.

So overall, take CRCC Asia at your own risk. Well this was the one in Shanghai. Who knows if it would be the same else where?

— I’m juz sayin’


6 thoughts on “CRCC Asia Review

  1. hey congrats on getting the opportunity to do that sounds amazing! I just recently applied for the same program I have a phone interview coming up! Any tips or insight into what questions are asked? Anything at all would be much appreciated! Thanks and good work.

    • Hey there, thanks 🙂 The questions that I’ve been asked where about why I wanted to do the internship as well as more on why China and what it can offer for me. Just simply and honestly say why you’d be interested if it be the culture, people or an opportunity and how it can possibly help you grow as a person.

      You applied for the one month Chinese language program and internship?? Just make sure that you have a good internship that you are satisfied with just within the first week or else it would be difficult and less enriching switching after.

      But good luck!! 😛 x

  2. Hiya, i have just applied for two months of chinese with CRCC Asia, did anyone have a good experience with it? xoxo

    • Hi Jessica, I haven’t heard of anyone who did the Chinese program with more than a month with crcc Asia but it is a good course for me personally. I think it’s very helpful and being in Shanghai made it all the more better because you have that opportunity to speak and be surrounded by the language. But it isn’t just crcc people that you would meet at the centre because anyone can apply for it actually. Hope you enjoy your time there though! Make the most of it 😛

  3. I have heard on crcc asia and read about it on one other forum, however I had a similar experience with another company called Go Abroad China, which does the same thing basically: internships in China and Chinese language programs. My internship was 2 months in Beijing, one of the reasons I wanted an alternative to crcc asia was because I had a smaller budget so as anyone can imagine I really needed a program that could fit the amount of money I had.
    My internship was in business, I was at a company that specialized in steel products and exported them to other countries, which was quite interesting. To keep the costs down, unfortunately I didn’t sign up for Chinese lessons as they were extra, but the general service was satisfactory: I got accommodation included, I lived with a Chinese family in their home, the other option was getting an apartment. I think 2 times I got to meet some other people too who were interning in different companies but were also brought in by Go Abroad China.
    Life in Beijing was exciting, internship was okay but the overall experience of being in Beijing for the first time ever was great.

  4. I went to Beijing for one month to study Chinese there during my summer holiday time. I applied through Go Abroad China, a company which operates not too differently from CRCC Asia. I also came across crcc asia before on the internet but it was too costly for me, so I went with GAC instead. I had a relatively good experience or that one month in China. I studied everyday for 4 hours per day of Chinese class, my pre booked accommodation was with a Chinese family in the homestay style living. I got my visa arranged for me, and they picked me up from the airport too. The experience of being in Beijing still remains special for me, it was my first time there, let alone travelling by myself.

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