I don’t know where to begin!

Today is seriously my lucky day! Woke up this morning and had a chat, breakfast and said goodbye to the kind friends who let me stay over for the extra night I had in Shanghai.

It looked like it was going to rain but the moment I joined the cue to the taxi stand from the hotel next to ours, a taxi driver offered to take me to the train station because I was the only one with a luggage in the cue and I suppose he wanted to take people over to Pudong side. (Luckily it wasn’t a black cab)

When I checked in, the people at the check in counter told me my flight is delayed — but they could move me to an earlier flight so I can save time! Wow!

When the plane was about to land, I was greeted with a beautiful scenery of Hong Kong, it was almost cloudless and I had never seen the sea and city more beautiful!

I met up with my friends and had a great time with then. Oh! And I almost forgot to mention……

Something happened today that made me really really happy! It’s the friend that I’ve hurt from a while ago. That I foolishly and ignorantly manipulated (not on purpose 😦 ) but she contacted me! Finally, after… so long. I’m so glad she reached out to me because … to be frank I really don’t have the right to just casually chat up with her. I only wished her happy birthday and well even back then she didn’t really seem too keen on chatting.

But gosh I’m having a skype sesh with her some time after I get back to UK! Since my time here in HK is seriously way too limited. Aw man, coming back makes me really… really miss it.


The narrow roads, the busy streets, the bright lights. Ah feels like home 🙂

It’s now pretty late but there’s so much I want to write and share! All the memories that I’ve made.


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