University of Hertfordshire

Okay so this Hertfordshire University has recently come to my attention. I was just reading this interior designer’s blog and saw someone doing a course for interior design in Hertfordshire.

It’s just interesting how it’s been popping up a lot. My best childhood friend is hopefully going to go there to study business! I am really praying to God that she’d be able to get it and graduate! I know her foundation wasn’t too great but I really hope for the best. And that her parents would finally just relax a little and stop pressuring her so much. I hope if she could set her heart on the Lord, He could do miracles for her. Hmm… well I really hope she gets in so I can visit her hehe!

And then my Mum’s friends son is also going there! Weird mm. My Mum’s friend is really nice, Auntie Sam 🙂 She gave me this guide book on the book of proverbs, which was really sweet. Pray her son would know which way is the right way to go! I know Auntie Sam has done her best to raise her son. So I pray that God blesses his studies and his time in UK!

And since doing a lot of interior designing stuff at my current architecture firm (ironically), I feel like… interior design may be a very interesting path to take! Though, still for now at least, I am still open to anything.

Screenshot (18)

Learning google sketchup and I just randomly made a bar from scratch! Inspired from the Sashas (restaurant) project my firm is doing. There isn’t anything I need to do for them at the moment so, just practicing on google sketchup!

But honestly, I’m so inspired by this person:

Gosh. And from the about page is where I found the Hertfordshire stuff. Yeah my thoughts really side track a lot haha :3


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