First Month in Shanghai

These are pictures of my first month in Shanghai!20140726_125517


Visited Jing An Temple, which had a lot of Buddhists statues and people praying and visiting. I’m so lucky to have met this bunch of people that we can hang out and tour together. I feel very comfortable and happy whenever we go touring 🙂


Then we went to Shanghai Science and Technology museum. I think I like the architecture better than the content of the building. It would be much better if I was a kid though, but I think I appreciate London’s museums better. Oh gosh, I think they’re the best I’ve ever been to. Apart from De Louvre in Paris…. though I couldn’t look at everything at the time because of my sickness!

20140729_220308 20140806_135747

The Bund. Stunning night and day 🙂


SCF (Shanghai Community Fellowship) Church! It’s been such a blessing to me this past month and a bit since I’ve been here. I’ve meet such a lovely bunch of Christians from the cell group I go to called Rhema Rise. Honestly, I didn’t really think to join a cell group, but I feel so thankful God directed me to join a group! It’s been so helpful for me spiritually and I’m so surprised! I’ve been praying all of early summer for me to snap out of my spiritually and physically dead state. I was so tired after uni it was awful. I’m so glad I’ve been so much more productive and have so much more of a heart for Jesus! Oh thank God. I know the feeling very well when I don’t have Him in my heart. It feels just… incomplete.20140818_172551

A Teddy Bear store in Tian Zi Fang! I met up with a friend from uni and had lunch with her here. I was surprised to find that it was a Christian store after hearing worship songs in the background.20140820_125806Last lunch before my friend Sophia heads back to the States! It really strengthens and is something that I can physically see, the work of God when He places Christians before me in unexpected places. The lessons He teaches me and how He can use me to encourage others. After realising Sophia is a Christian, she found out someone else is and they found one more too!  I just hope and pray for the rest of her uni time and that she’ll be a light for others.

Well anyway, I’m actually at work writing this. I don’t have much to do. I’ve already been at GroupGSA for a week and things are slow. I think it’s also the fact that I won’t be here long and my ability in computer software is limited. But I wouldn’t say I haven’t learnt anything! I’ve learned how the company works more or less, the stages of design conception, reviews, contractors, to final. And the team of people and what it feels like to be at a workplace. Fingers crossed I’ll grow closer to everyone else!


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