In Shanghai!

Oh wow I finally got VPN! And it’s for free! (though slow, it’s still better than nothing). Oh I miss writing so much on here 🙂 Too bad I can’t show any pictures yet, but I’ve had an amazing time so far in Shanghai. It’s been really rewarding from the friends that I’ve made to my Spiritual growth, encouraged by the amazing church here I’ve found. 

I’m sitting now in a cafe, and this coming Monday I’ll start my internship in an architecture firm! Scary stuff, never had an internship before so this will be a first. The past month I’ve been in a learn Chinese course at the Mandarin House, a company that is in a number of places in China and one in London. It’s been very helpful and I think that I indeed have improved on my Chinese 🙂

I do miss writing on my blog a lot. I guess recently, I’ve been thinking what’s the point of writing… or what should I write about. But this blog, is a personal blog for me. It’s where I sort my feelings out and it’s a rough reflection of what I’ve been up to. I guess it helps me keep track too of where I am in life. Though honestly, I wish I can post pictures. 

I think pictures just capture a lot more of what I’ve experienced and feel. 

Anyway, there’s much catching up I want to do on this blog. Literally typing what I’m thinking now. I’ve had some insights to my faith and stuff is happening in my life that I want to share! Nothing big or crazy, but just the little things in life 🙂 Hopefully it won’t be too long. 


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