Let It Go

A song I absolutely love! Yet another crazy fan of the movie Frozen.

Guess what? One of my best friends doesn’t like it at all! The whole movie was badly made and she couldn’t believe people think it’s better than Mulan! haha me knowing her I can see why. She said it was too rushed. I suppose she was looking more of the details of the mission of rescue etc. That it’s too ‘mainstream’, okay I’m using this word not her.

But I can see why because I know her tastes. Quite hipster rather, so if she were to really appreciate it, the movie should have had a more interesting rescue plot.

Though I guess we didn’t have enough time to go over the concepts of the movie, but this is one of my favourite disney movies ever because I believe it portrays the idea of love so accurately!

That the reason why Elsa did not have control over herself and her powers was because of her great fear. At the very end, she realises with the help of her sister that ‘love’ is the key to overcoming fear.

That the act of true love doesn’t have to be true love’s kiss or whatever, but that there is more to this word love than there really is. It’s not just a kiss, but sacrifice of ones own personal needs for another. The act of doing something for someone else out of one’s will because of love.

And I love the movie also for it’s songs of course 🙂 Do you wanna build a snowman?

Another friend of mine can sing all of them by heart! He’s especially good with Fixer Upper xD


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