It’s been a while!

Where have I been? Another year of uni is over and what next?

I’ve been hiding under a rock.

Thats right. Back home in Hong Kong.


Oh hot humid Hong Kong. Still can’t believe I actually lived here for 18 years! This is the view from my bed. I’ve been sleeping for about 10 to 11 hours on most days and just lazing about.

After 2 intense terms with the final term sleeping for around 4.5 hours for 4 days per week … I really need the sleep.

I feel like no amount of sleep is enough!


Here’s a little treat 🙂

Caught up with a couple of friends…. and unfortunately made my Mum cry.  Had a little outburst with the family and Dad to save the day… with Gods Holy Spirit … solved, fixed right in time for church too! Haha (no joke)

Anyway, I guess you can say I’ve been slacking majorly. Like no motivation whatsoever for the first week. Only now I can actually think a little more clearly.

Honestly I feel like I’ve been living in the clouds.


Yup somewhere up there.
I do enjoy writing in my blog though. In a way it feels refreshing. Sort of like a recap of whats happened…. mini reflection time. Somewhere I can unload heavy stuff or… just rant or just… well share.


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