Why have architects?

I cannot believe that exactly just a year ago, I posted my first post on WordPress. Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about architecture. This course.

In this article, it’s the number one unwanted course. What about this image from this website?meh.ro9778-455x339

According to Licensed ZapThink Architect (LZA) course, they mentioned that their idea of the architect translates to an ‘argument’. I quote “flock of seagulls, a pride of lions, or an argument of architects”. It is true, if you read the concepts and writings of the architect throughout history, their complex jargon of archi-lingo to formulate what the ‘right’ stream of design method is. It is as though some are convinced there is one right way to create beautiful architecture. Or even to ‘argue’ about definitions of terms to sound philosophical. Not saying that all are complete wannabes for some do have reason to what they propose. Perhaps it’s just the way they explain their views contains layers of terms to be deciphered, it just pains my brain!

But anyway, last year for me, it was really confusing. Not knowing what the point of architecture was, why in the first project we had to do this weird ‘design’ project about nothing related to building buildings! Why we had to investigate stuff like clothes or shoes or as questions like what it means to inhabit a book!


This seemingly unnecessary experimentation of seemingly irrelevant things… now seem to be so relevant!

This past year, I’ve been able to see through God’s lens. This was what brought about purpose in architecture. It helped me understand what architecture really is all about, it’s about relationships. Fundamentally speaking. It’s about space and object. That’s a relationships right there! It’s about us and the space we live in. The relationship between our habits and thus the function of the spaces we require. That’s why such thorough investigation on something so minuscule is necessary.

Here’s another article on the meaning of architecture. He talks about the community, and giving.

I used to struggle a bit on the role of the architect and the purpose of architecture because my aunt and uncle basically designs their own home without much help of an architect. To be an architect you don’t have to have an architecture degree like the artist AiWeiWei for example and many engineers have designed buildings and bridges without architectural knowledge. My friend who is the same year as I am had has repeated as well also mentions that anyone can do architecture and I do have to agree with her.

Our course emphasizes much on the design and creative aspect, which means drawings models drawings, make things look pretty and as long as it looks like it’s going to work its fine. But of course this is the first year, the second and third get even more technical.

Also the book The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand that I have read a couple of years ago when I was still in high school led me to question, should the architect’s vision of the building and what he knows to be beauty be compromised simply because of what others think not beautiful and only want to conform?

This is some of the questions that spun around in my head. I want to discuss more about this in other posts, and just chat a little about my personal experience as an architecture student studying in the Bartlett School of Architecture 🙂


One thought on “Why have architects?

  1. Hilda dearest,
    Your daddy has so much to learn from you. Your mind and love for God never fails to amaze me.
    Do what you are doing for God always and may He bless you always into eternity.

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