A picture tells a thousand words

This is my work – it is never quite finished since architecture and the arts is a developing and improving field. Here is a taste though, of my building and it’s moments.

DSC_0014Plan – building on site

Wall removed – x-ray from an angle

dancing and bus moment

Moment when bus passes building

Dancing from fabric area

Dancing platform view from costume workshop

Hanging clothes open

View from ground level looking up below building at hanging clothesopening fabrics

Opening the fabric rolls that act as curtains to atriumRoof

On roof top – area meant for drying his costumes.view through facadeWalking up the stairs – view from outside through clothes

Client: Morris dancer and costume maker. He also sells his costumes during the Folk Week period. My site is located at Broadstairs. (Not meant to be built – by the way!) During other times of the year his home is closed and he practices Morris Dancing, makes the masks, costumes and washes his costumes.

It’s been a really great project and I really have God to thank for providing everything. Also my wonderful tutor. I can’t believe how excited I am about architecture it’s so strange. I really want to give a shout out to God because He’s helped me so much. That I have a sudden passion for the field that I did not have before.


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