Quick thanks!

I just want to quickly give thanks to God. It’s just something I can’t hold in at the moment and I just really want to type it out now! Thank you Father that you have provided me the opportunity to speak in apologetics today. That You provided me the necessary time to complete both my work and my speech, which I never thought I could do. And of course I can’t without you!

Thank you that because I trust in You, You won’t let me down. I’m really glad that you pointed it out to me in a dream. Your Spirit moved me to just prepare this speech today! It’s so strange the way you work. But I was glad that it went well. Thank you Father for guiding me… Even though I’m so tired right now… drained really… I feel so happy that I can give back in some way to Your Kingdom. Phew.

I talked about the Trinity. Hopefully I’ll post it some time here! Though my notes are so scattered I’ll just arrange it in a better way. Phew. 


One thought on “Quick thanks!

  1. Congratulations! Jesus and his holy Spirit is with you. May His river of water flow out from his heart through yours and to all other hearts you touch. God loves you.

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