Deadline is over!! I just handed in the first part of my portfolio today!! Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about that anymore!

I’ve been staying over at a friends place for like almost a week working on it. I really do worry for her sometimes because I really hope she can make it through to the next year. Or if not be able to find another outlet that would help her find happiness and peace. I really hope that she’ll find God though, because honestly in her life it seems that God really wants her. One of her family member influence, a past from the guy she’s interested and me as a Christian friend. I’m so glad that I was able share with her my beliefs! She even asked me a few questions, which I was really happy. It’s quite tricky to come back to the topic of God and faith but I’m just glad that she’s willing to hear me out!

At this point I really need the Holy Spirit because … I really cannot do it alone! I get a little shy to be honest, sometimes I feel like perhaps I need to be a little bit more direct. But I’m always scared I would cross the line. 

Anyway, I guess I’m just glad God provides. And that I was able to pray with this lovely lady at church about my internal problems with my roommate. And I think it’s dissolving! Thank God. 

I just think that thanking God and praising His amazing works are… very important to me right now. And it’s something I need to always rediscover.


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