I’m back from Malaysia!

Okay so I picked a random acoustic song… I guess it brings my heart to peace.

This is my second night back in London. I’m… feeling a mix of emotions. It’s been really great seeing my family back in Malaysia. I’m just really glad I can be at peace some how. 

It says in my NYR (which is pretty much in the can) that this month I’m on patience. It’s been tricky since I’ve been… just feeling really tied up at the moment. I’m caught up tangled and I just can’t wait to get out. This time it’s different. It’s not like last year Feb 2012. This time, it’s much more than that. 

This month… or this recent weeks have been such a test for me. A time that I need God all the more. 

Hmm not very interesting at the moment, I guess it’s just one of those times. But I have to write about ‘Frozen’, gosh it’s like my favourite Disney movie at the moment!


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