Sooo looking forward to Easter!

God’s been so kind! It’s so strange… because there was a point in time recently that I actually stopped praying as frequently as I usually do. It was because I was unsure about the whole free-will thing. I still sort of am.. and I can only have my assumptions on it… but my roommate says that is an amazing miracle that God is able to give us this free will and somehow he can do it. If we don’t have free will it seems that our prayers are rendered useless.

I decided to just trust God for now. Maybe one day I’ll know more or maybe one day not. It half makes sense in my head but well I’ll leave it to God. And I started praying again… and He has just provided me with amazing things. Amazing friends that I absolutely love. And the crazy opportunities to have a chat with them about faith and religion. It’s just so crazy the people God has placed before me. I’m so grateful for my architecture friends, my lovely dance gal I met and this guy from a bubble tea store. 

Somehow I hope to share with them the good news, to really live it out and show them God’s amazing love. 

Today we had an event and there was a speaker and awesome food 🙂 The speaker spoke about Easter and sort of his own testimony. During the talk I was just praying for my non-believer friends. After the talk, I asked them what they thought. I was so glad that one of my friends actually went up to talk to the speaker and is really keen on seeking God. I just hope that that talk inspired him to continue. My other friend seemed less keen but I just hope that there was something for her to consider. Ahh I really wanted my other friend to come! But if God decided today wasn’t the right day, I’ll continue to trust He’ll reach their hearts some day. 

Yeah, it seems that I’m just terribly tired and need a brain break. That’s why I’m here I guess. Another one of those personal blogs 🙂 

Work’s going great, love my tutor. He’s crazy but his passion for architecture and for his students is so helpful. God’s given me this crazy passion for my work this year. He’s surrounded me with many Christians, given me a group to go through this book called ‘Imagine’. 


So far it’s amazing. I absolutely have to write a review on this later!

I’ll be going back to Malaysia soon. I’m definitely excited to see my Grandparents and other relatives again. I think that week other than accompanying my Grandparents I’m going to be doing a load of reading. Both in the Christian and architecture aspect. 

I pray more than anything though, that my relatives will come back to Christ and know the true meaning of the cross. That they would one day be able to forgive each other through Christ and just receive His love. Sounds terribly cheesy but I’m just not going to bother to think too much today. 



One thought on “Sooo looking forward to Easter!

  1. Dearest Hilda
    So very happy for you to continue your walk ever closer to God. For sure our faith can wax and wane with time and early living. Pray always for guidance from the Holy Spirit. Daddy and mummy will always support you and pray for you. We love you always. May God’s spirit live in you always

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