Intense week.


Last weekend was the craziest weekend ever. I can’t believe I managed to pull it off! My boss asked me to work for 3 consecutive days… and it was all before the crit!! Saturday morning I managed to do some work, Sunday not at all and Monday slept for only 2 hours!

And I had the best crit in my life!! haha! Devoting time to God, making Him your first priority… and everything else will fall into place. And even if it doesn’t, he intends something even greater. It has always happened… including me failing the year, this year I’ve been provided Christian architecture students that I haven’t had before, more time to be active in the Christian Union, meeting different people from dance society and actually doing pretty well in the course! I really hope to keep it up though, but my hope will be on the Lord!

Not to mention… UCLCU provided a lunch bar yesterday, which Miru and I cooked pasta and we and another friend baked brownies!




It was a great talk and we had an intense discussion afterwards.


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