My Friends

I’m so eager!! So so so eager. I’m so excited as well. The feeling is almost so overwhelming that I want to jump up and down. I’ve done the crying bit already but I’m just… I’m just so full of hope! Hope in the Lord.

I’m so eager for my non-Christian friends or those who are unsure to turn to God. To know what it means to follow the one who created us, who loves us and wants to form perfect relationships. I’m so excited for the day my brothers and sisters come back home! I love my friends so incredibly much. My family too. Loving others whom I don’t know may be harder but to know if they have turned back to God would make me absolutely happy beyond anything. 

I just want to share that this hope we have is real. And I don’t want to state it blindly. That’s why I go to apologetics because I want to know how to not only defend my faith but to deepen it. For if this news sounds too good to be true, it must be worth investigating!

I only leave it in God’s hands to stir up the fire in everyone’s hearts 🙂


One thought on “My Friends

  1. Dearest Hilda
    I read your thoughts in your faith with joy, tears welling up in my eyes, to know that you have found the good Lord and an blessed by him.

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